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    Is this what public relations do?

    Okay so I'm thinking about a major for college and I just wanted to make sure I have it right. So it would look something like this: I'm a PR person in the music industry and my band (who we will call The Blue Monkeys) is the hottest name in music for it's time. So my job as a PR person is to book interviews, partnering with top name products like coke or pepsi, and over all giving them the image to appeal to the desired audience. If their audience is 12-16 year old girls I would have to give them a more clean cut image. If their audience were 21-40 year old men I would give them more of an edgy image. It's the advertising team per say. If this is a different job then can you point my towards that one because this is something I really want to get into. I've read a lot about PR but the answers are a bit shifty depending on the site I go on. Is this the correct job?
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    In the essence of it public relations is simply how the manage the image of a product or service or your organization as a whole. Your product here being your band.....how you would develop the image of your brand in the eyes of the public, through media. maybe not so much develop the image rather portray a certain image to your target audience. The jd u have given seems a little overlapping.....it encompasses several jobs. Like the tasks defined above can be performed by a band manager for example. PR is also how you carry out publicity of your brand....how you publicise your brand. Hope the answer helps....let me know if you require any further clarification
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