How is my son coming up with all this money?

He is 19 and he doesnt have a job. He has bought about four $3000+ computers in the past two months and He has also bought thousands of dollars worth of designer clothes.

How is he coming up with all this money?! Whenever I ask him, he says he has a job, but he only leaves the house a few hours a day and he says he cant show me his job.

Do I have any legal right to figure out what is going on?

I am pretty sure he isnt a drug dealer, because we arent black.

12 months ago - 4 answers

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You don't have to be black to be a drug dealer, and that could be a possibility but even drug dealers struggle so I don't think they'd be shopping like that. He may be a dancer for a strip club, that would be a surprise, if he can't tell you its obviously something he's hiding

12 months ago

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by Rob - 12 months ago

Oh he selling drugs

by Alex CADENGO - 12 months ago

He's either a drug dealer or a male prostitute, and black has nothing to do with it If the money is good.

by jim - 12 months ago