Website to sell/promoting items/creative people or internet people answer this?

So, I am in middle school and want to make money, I've begun to do small things, like babysitting and petsitting and such, but I have had an idea that I need help developing. I have been creating designs, its hard to explain exactly, but some have messages behind them, and some are random, here are some earlier designs...
My newer ones are better but I gave them to friends, anyways I was thinking of putting them on shirts or posters and selling them, but I wasn't sure exactly how I would get my product out there or even what I should put it on, thank you cards, posters, t shirts, coffee mugs. Also, would anyone actually buy them? I honestly have no clue. Any websites that lots of people use that I could sell them on? I know of etsy, but how should I get them popular, because I bet there are a ton of people who spend time, money, and effort on these kind of things and never get any money in return. Any suggestions are helpful! Thanks!

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I'd look at, they don't take as much out as some web sites. I like your designs btw, very cool.

12 months ago