How to find people interested in your products?

Im selling health and weight loss products...but its kind of hard to find people interested in these what should i do? whats the best way to find people thats interested?

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Find who you want to market and advertise to, one innovative cool way is to create a placard or magnetic advertising strip or have your advertisement painted on your rear windshield advertise and market in the parking lot of a local gym, where many are eager to try innovative products or you could try the local beach or a try selling your product to a local health food store where you could split the profits in return you could stock the shelves for you product in small area, give it a chance most retailers enjoy venders coming in to check on their product plus if they stock and clean the area too.


12 months ago

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To start any business you must have one website for your product and services so that people can get complete information at one place. This will make more trust, attract new customers and save your time to explain for your products. You can include in social websites like Facebook etc.

There are some software companies which provides free guidance for website development, marketing, business networking. Also work on partnership basis in some cases. You can ask with WWW.WEBINFOSYS.IN

by Ram Narayan Pandey - 12 months ago