Need a cool company name !?

Hello everyone this is probably my second time asking this but here it goes again, I am starting an investment company and need a cool name I was honking about Mako Investment group but after searching found that there are a few company's with that name .. Mako being named after the mako shark.. I wan to put a cool exotic animal name that can have a cool logo as well.. Any ideas?? Please help I would like to include either Investments, Group or Properties in the company name... Please help ! Thank you !

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Piranha Investment Properties

Great White Investments

Manta Ray Investment properties

the Mammoth Group investment properties...(like woolly mammoth)

T-Rex Investment group


12 months ago

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Drako,Draxo, Maxo I have an online business, someone took my name; I added a letter to what I was going to use. Oh what about Makko?

by A - 12 months ago