Should I Ship my Product on eBay?

ok so i am selling my beats solo's for a $60 starting auction price and a $150 dollar buy it now price. After a 2 days someone buys my beats for the FULL $150. He has not sent me any money or replied to any of my eBay messages. Should I ship it to him? should I wait for him to pay me? or is he a spammer? I summon upon the internet gods for help. (please have eBay experience)

13 months ago - 2 answers

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Do NOT send it unless it he has paid. You will not be able to get the item back. Just wait it out. If he doesn't send the money, report him as a spammer and repost the item!

13 months ago

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lol do online stores ship you items before you pay? so no, dont ship until payment has been received.

first, invoice him for payment. then wait a day or so. then send a reminder. it they dont respond they probably have no intention to pay

by Pink Donut - 13 months ago