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    Is John Casablancs modeling legit?

    My dad is paranoid that it's just going to try to worm money out of me and isn't ever going to provide any real career. Is it real and will it help me?
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    Of course they are going to try to get money out of you. That's their business. They are a modeling and acting school that sells classes. They accept everyone who can pay up to $3000 for their classes. They are not an agency and they do not book people on jobs. They are a school if you want to be an actor, there is NO reason to ever pay a lot for acting classes if you have never acted before. Beginner acting classes are the same whether you are paying $250 at your local community center, $500 from a theater company or $3000 from an expensive school. it's not until you have had at least 2 years of training and are at an advanced level that it's worth paying for the best school or coach you can find For modeling you NEVER need to pay for school. There is no legitimate agency in the world that requires models to pay for modeling school. Every big agency - Ford, Elite, IMG, Next, Women, Marilyn, etc - will take models with no training and train them themselves at no cost. That's why agencies have a "New Faces" or "Development" division. Instead of paying for classes, your first 3-6 months are spent on low-paid and unpaid test shoots and jobs to get on the job experience and build up your portfolio before they start sending you out on casting calls for the bigger jobs. In fact going to a modeling school can hurt you with some agencies. My old agency director would not sign anyone who went to modeling school as he felt the poses and walks they taught were better suited to pageants than modeling and it was too difficult to try and un-teach these habits So it all depends what you are looking for. If your parents have money and you want to meet new people, have fun playing model for a few weeks, learn how to put on makeup, how to dress for your body and put on a fashion show for your friends and family, that's fine. I'm sure it will be fun and you'll meet interesting people But if your goal is to be a model and get booked on photo shoots, fashion shows, etc then you need to find an actual agency not a school
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    • most of them are scams

      by Taconan - 21 hours ago

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