Somebody on ebay gave me positive feedback before I shipped their item?

Does this mean that I have the money now and don't need to even send it to them out of their pure stupidity or will I still get in trouble with ebay?

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You will get in trouble with eBay. They will take the money off of your card and shut down your account.

1 year ago

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You will go to hell in this life if you don't send it or refund their money. Your conscious would not let you live in peace. If a ball hits you, you will feel guilty. If someone slaps you, you will think you deserve it for being a bad person. It's your choice: peace of mind or low self-esteem.

by Yellow Motor Dress - 1 year ago

they gave you early good feedback because they trusted you, dont be a thief and send them their item,,,, you have no right to steal their item and be rewarded with good feedback. why do you think they cant get a refund just because they left good feedback? if you cant show ebay and the buyer and paypal proof of delivery to them they will get a refund weather they left you feedback or not, and they can put in a request to have their feedback removed if they think about it.

they arent stupid for leaving feedback early unless you turn yourself into a thief thinking like you do.

by diva_dejavu_again - 1 year ago