How to Promote your Tumblr blog free?

i'm new at tumblr i dont have 50k followers lol
if anyone knows how to promote a tumblr blog fast
pls help!.
no i'm not trying to be famous
i just want to have followers lol

thanks so much

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1. Tag your posts.

2. Reblog and like posts.

3. Post quality material.

4. Follow lots of other people, especially those who have blogs similar to yours.

5. Have your friends follow you.

6. Post pictures. Most people are more likely to follow you if there are colorful images on your blog.

7. Put your Tumblr URL on other social networks like facebook, twitter etc.

8. Be on your blog as often as possible.

9. Always be respectful of your followers.

10. Get a nice theme and customize it; most people with lots of followers have aesthetically appealing blogs.

1 year ago

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Instantly promote your tumblr here:

by Shane - 6 months ago - Just copy and paste your Tumblr profile address and you'll get followers fast.

by Donald - 2 months ago