do you have to pay ebay when you sale things on their site?

selling my phone i was just wondering

13 months ago - 2 answers

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Yes. You have a Listing Fee (depends on your starting price/buy it now price). Then you have a final selling fee but you'll have to look on eBay's regulations for the percentage they take. I used to sell vintage clothing and they took 20% (ridiculous, I know) but I think hardware is less.
Also if you use eBay you have to set up Paypal (regardless of whether you use card payment or cheque) and if the buyer chooses to pay by paypal you'll end up with more fees, something like 4.5%. Doesn't sound a lot but it all adds up.

13 months ago

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YES. Fees for eBay and fees for PayPal. If you are selling your phone for a high price, then it is somewhat worth it. Ebay does display their fees online. So you should check it out.


by Munchkin - 13 months ago