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    Question about a Patented Invention?

    First, if i decide to patent an invention, what is the quickest amount of time it would take in order for a company or someone who is interested in the invention to take in order to contact me. im not talking about actually mass producing the product right away as i know that may take time. but what is the quickest amount of time. Another words i know that it will take time for me to make money off of it, but does it take long for a company or something like that to contact me or ask me if they like my idea? ANother words, if i patent something, could in a matter of days or weeks for a company or something to contact me and ask me if they would like to mass produce it? please answer the question assuming i dont make the actual invention and please reanswer the question assuming i make the actual invention and it works, what is the quickest amount of time for a company or someone like ceo or someone of importance to contact me telling me they like they idea. it doesnt have to be someone contacting me telling me they would like to mass produce it right away but someone like ceo or company telling me they like my idea. and lets assume my invention works and there is a need for it.
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    There is now way to tell how long it would take for a company to get interested in your invention. It will take approximately a year after you file a full (not provisional) application for it to publish where a company could see it. After that, who knows. Most companies monitor patent issuances to see if there are patents of interest but it could easily be missed or they might not appreciate your ideas. Also, depending on what other prior inventions there are, you could end up with a very weak patent. You may want to do a patent search to see if someone has already patented your idea. You can do some searching yourself for free at the USPTO search site: http://patft.uspto.gov/ Search both issued patents and published patent applications. If you find searching difficult or confusing, you can pay a patent attorney or agent to conduct a search, but that may cost several hundred to a few thousand depending on the area of your invention.
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    • In theory, the "shortest" amount of time to get in contact with a possible manufacturer would be the day after you file a provisional application, if you're a US resident. Disclosing it a day earlier could permanently damage your patent rights in every foreign country. Your application will not be "published" until you file a non-provisional application, then it will be published 18 months after the priority date (i.e., after the date you filed your provisional, if you claim its priority).

      by beSee-n-u - 18 minutes ago

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