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    Good slogan for a restaurant named "Infinity"?

    We're doing a project on business' and I came up with the name Infinity. It's just a fancy restaurant, and we're required a slogan. What are your thoughts? My friend named Megan is in our group, and she said "It's Megalicious!" is a good slogan... What do you think? We have to advertise it also.
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    First you need the exact definition of the word infinity, which includes: the quality of being infinite, unlimited extent of time, space, or quantity : boundlessness, an indefinitely great number or amount, the limit of the value of a function or variable when it tends to become numerically larger than any pre-assigned finite number, a part of a geometric magnitude that lies beyond any part whose distance from a given reference position is finite, a transfinite number, or a distance so great that the rays of light from a point source at that distance may be regarded as parallel. Some synonyms or related words for Infinity include: everlasting, foreverness, perpetuity, boundlessness, endlessness, interminableness, limitlessness, permanence, permanency, and timelessness. Next you said this is a fancy restaurant so the words Infinity Restaurant should be in the slogan. Here are some ideas: Dine with us at Infinity Restaurant, where truly great food knows no boundaries Make your reservations with Infinity Restaurant, where flavor is endless (or knows no limits) Dine at Infinity Restaurant, light years ahead of the competition in quality and flavor Taking your taste buds to Infinity and Beyond! Have fun with your 'megalicious' project =)
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    • do you know what the word infinity means? it doesn't seem appropriate for a restaurant. and megalicious sounds like a slogan for a fast food place.

      by njyogibear - 13 hours ago

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