How quick will a good ebook start selling on Amazon?

If I upload an ebook to Amazon for sale (let's assume its a really good book and I sell it at $1), will I be making at least some sales right of the bat (like at least 3 per day)? In other words, does amazon provide some form of immediate basic marketing? I'm thinking that would be one of the main reasons why people would sell on amazon, given that the pricing is very unfavorable for sellers.

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The cheap books are heavily browsed by readers. Amazon doesn't have to do more than provide the browsing features for people to find the new cheap novels. Self published novels don't sell well right away. The most successful self published authors build a brand. You want reviews on a novel that tell people the books are edited, proofread, and interesting.

Some of the successful ones are building series. Every time they release a new book they have new readers will go back and buy all of the past books in the series as well. An author might not see much money until they have three or more stories in the series published.

And if you turn successful at this, will start lobbying people who read books in that genre to read your books as well.

However you would need to do some side work to get your name out. You need people who are going to read your works and post positive, but honest, reviews. It is generally best to seek them out among friends, forums, and contacts who read the same genre of book.

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There are about 1m authors trying to sell E.books. Some don't sell any, most sell very little, a small proportion make some spare cash and now and again someone hits the jackpot. Speaking from experience. When you book hits the airwaves as the "latest" someone will download a sample (10 - 20%) and if they like it they pay up and get the rest. If that person can give you a good review someone else might do the same and so on and so on but don't hold your breath. A better option is to publish your book with SMASHWORDS. They will/can convert it to E.format and distribute it to all the other Ebook sellers but not Amazon. Mr Coker who owns Smashwords also owns Amazon (I believe) and will not list your book with that company unless it sells over 1000 with other sellers. If you list it with Amazon exclusive it is not distributed to other sellers. You will find that when it hits each other seller you will make a sale because it is listed as new but if by word of mouth it doesn't get reccomendations it will die a death. It will never go out of print but without it lying on a shelf where someone can pick it up to read it, it stays hidden in space. I wrote a physical book many years ago and it didn't do well (850 copies @ £8.99) so I wrote another (125000 words) and published as an It took me two years to write and I sold 8 copies @ $2.99. But don't let me put you off because writing a good story is better than reading one. Good luck.

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