Help us come up with a business name...?

We are thinking of opening a business that assists charities, schools, churches, new businesses, and other organizations in fundraising by putting on special events. The concept is like this... A local charity, school, or church, etc., wants to raise so much money for their cause. They call us up to obtain our planning services. We sit down with them and design an event for the public to attend. Could be anything from a craft fair to a full fledged festival. We work for them planning every aspect from beginning to the end. We ensure the event goes off without any hiccups.

We are trying to think of a good business name for this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This would fall under the "Event Planning" area which includes terms such as "Events", "Promotions", "Productions", "Fundraising", and so on.

Let me know what you can come up with. We thought about something that was one word and catchy, or after a mascot of some sort, or after a mythical individual or creature that is of "giving" or "caring" nature. Anything goes and thank you for your suggestions ahead of time!

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Keep it simple, or make is amusing and smart

How about

Events. Planning. Innovation. Charity


1 year ago

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Use your state or city name with Event Planners after.

by Joel Gardberg - 1 year ago