Is "Talking Heads" trademarked?

Hi, I have a heat press, and I found a font on dafont that looked like that font they used on the Talking Heads true stories album, so I recreated the album art as accurately as I could with Photoshop CS3, and made it into a personal shirt (seriously its sooooo hard to find 70s band merch). I have an etsy, and I was wondering if it would be legal to sell copies of this shirt that I made? Or would I get into legal trouble for doing that? This is a serious question.
Seriously I need to know if its illegal since I made it myself?

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If it's a spitting image of the album art, The Talking Heads' people might have an issue with that.

Just using the font for something that relates to/refers to Talking Heads songs or the band is fine since you're not using or emulating their work.


1 year ago