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    Why did McDonald's do this...?

    I just watched a McDonald's advertisement and they had a person on a motorcycle burning rubber like he/she is 'cool' or that it's fun. Burning the rubber tire and making smoke is bad for everything that's living, people, animals ,the air we breath and the planet we live on. Also, it's illegal to smoke the tires on any motor vehicle, it's reckless and dangerous for the rider and anyone who is near that rider. It's appalling to me that McDonald's was able to place this ad on TV and that McDonald's advertising thinks that this advertisement is suitable for young viewers who may be influenced by their poor choice of marketing. I can't find the video online but I just watched it on TV. Someone in the back round was doing a 'peg stand doughnut' on a motorcycle and burning the tire, making lots of smoke. What do you think about this advertisement? Do you think that this advertisement is an irresponsible marketing campaign and should be removed?
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    Same reason google has cesar chaves up on google. To get people to cause an uproar and get free advertising from the news.
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