Is there any way I can advertise my item?

I'm going to put a scarf up on Etsy, but there'll be many competitors. One way I think i could advertise is to put it on Wanelo. Is there any other ways to advertise? P.s. How much would you be willing to spend on a hand knit scarf?

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Value is subjective and really depends on the materials you use. Most scarves on Etsy start at $20 and can go upwards to the hundreds.

A good way to advertise on a low budget is to try and get press. You can reach out to magazines and blogs. There's a good article on choosing blogs here:

Print out business cards and hand them out. You can also make a Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest account and share there.

Post on the Etsy forums. A lot of sellers are very helpful there.

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you can use the ppc service to advertise your items in some big shopping sites.

by Rock - 1 year ago