How to I get more traffic to my blog?

My blog is growing and is getting more traffic but I want it to of course keep increasing what should i do? Also i advertise on facebook so please dont mention that. Any other websites?
falsi duh dont put dumb answers. of course put interesting info. if u put interesting info but people dont know about it then thats not helping you out so please be quiet.

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You're inside the great source of traffic which is Yahoo Answer, start to reply other people question and put your website URL inside the resources box.

1) Video Marketing - Create videos, go to Google Adwords Tool and find all of the less competitive keywords of your niche, using these keywords as the title of your YouTube Video and upload, will receive some traffic.

2) Forum Marketing - This one is easy, find a forum that related to your niche, insert your website URL into your signature, start to post some great content or reply on the forum.

3) Guest Posting - Write for someone, post on their blogs.

4) Article Marketing - Write article on,

5) Comment on other blogs that related to your website, normally there is a place for you to fill up your website URL.

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Post something interesting and they will come. Seriously! People don't visit uninteresting websites.

You need to persuade people to visit your website. I haven't heard anything that makes me want to read your blog. Start with friends and family. If your content is interesting, word of mouth will quickly spread. It is that simple.

You can't force people to view your blog.

by falsi fiable - 1 year ago

Have you worked on StumbleUpon, if no then start working on that. Stumble upon can drive a huge amount of traffic to your blog in no time. Also try to build a strong profile on Twitter too.

by Abhishek - 1 year ago