Would anyone mind providing an example of how image may affect or play a role in the success of a business?

Or how a business may think image will affect them and please state why you chose that business/company and if you think the image they want(ed) to have or get rid of is significant.

I need an example based on something that has happened or can be researched.

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Willard Scott, the original Ronald McDonald, claimed that he was let go by the company over his weight...

How do I think this is significant? Well, McDonald's is a fast food chain and most -- If not, all -- fast food chains are considered unhealthy or not as good for you. No one has confirmed nor denied Mr. Scott's allegation, but I believe him... If you've noticed, McDonald's has always tried to portray their food as one of the best for you or just as good as the next thing... Which is what most fast food places do, but what would it look like to have an overweight person endorse their product that encourages or plays apart in weight gain [particularly when a person doesn't know or understand that you can't eat Micky D's all day/every day]? I'm not sure if you've noticed this and I'm not sure if it's like this in other countries, but I have yet to see a "fat" person in a McDonald's commercial. Anthony Anderson is a "big" man, but only his voice was used... No one saw him. Whereas Burger King has used people of all shapes and sizes, Sonic has two men who are both opposite of each other in size, Subway had Jared, and the list goes on. McDonald's has tried to keep bigger people out of its advertisements for a long time, yet it has no problem taking the money -- Typical.

Maybe McDonald's avoids using people who are 'overweight', because they've been blamed and/or judged more often for 'promoting' obesity, regardless of their reason, MD has made it clear that they're not interested in people that make them look in the mirror -- Even if the CEO, and probably many of the people under him, is overweight.

In case I left something out: I think image plays a role, because many people don't see bigger people even closely in the same light that they do those who are smaller... So, when you see smaller people promoting or partaking in the business of McDonald's -- Despite the fact that you may not see that often in reality, it gives the place a "nicer" image. Does that make sense?

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