How do I decline conferences and seminars professionally?


I have to answer about 40-80 calls a day from companies who would like to invite my boss and some other members to conferences and seminars, events and training. The thing is my boss and managers don't accept these calls nor emails and im instructed to decline these offers telephonically.
Some companies don't want to speak to a receptionist and demand to speak to someone higher up. How do I decline their offer without seeming rude even though I get so frustrated with these calls?


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Mr/Ms. __________ has a previous commitment and regretfully will not be able to attend.

Mr/Ms.___________ will be traveling at that time and unfortunately cannot attend.

Due to a scheduling conflict, Mr/Ms____________ will be unavailable at that time.

You can also request that the remove your number from their call list.

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Awww hell no.

by Mike - 1 year ago

"Thank you but we never respond to any offers made by telephone." Let them demand all they want...just hang up on them.

by FBI surveillance van - 1 year ago

If the conference has nothing to do with your line of work, you tell them it's not something that the employees in your company would benefit from
- they want to hear this so they don't waste money calling you next time.

For a conference that is relevant, tell them that the employees are unable to attend this year.

by A Hunch - 1 year ago