need slogan for computer store?

i have computer store in which i sell laptops and tablets please suggest a slogan for it. store name is The Brandz Store

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Better built, better quality and service every time


1 year ago

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the brandz store- only place where u find more

by Ojaswi - 1 year ago

You want to keep it short and simple. I always like company names which can be a verb as well.
Think about ebay and google. Just "E bay" it. Just "Google" it. Just "Brandz" it

But for "The Brandz Store"

"Brandz you can trust"
"Todays Best Brandz "
"Connected via Brandz"
"Brandz you can count on"
"The Computer Discount Store"
"Best Computer Brandz"
"Computers Today. Brandz Tommorow"


by Dousmani JR. - 1 year ago