What do you think the best form of marketing would be for a niche business that makes custom iron products?

I've been doing a massive amount of research on this and wanted to see if anyone had thoughts or ideas that I haven't come across yet. Marketing information on niche businesses has been harder to find.

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Niche marketing allows you to segment your market and focus on target markets more easily. This is where you should be searching for solutions and lay a solid foundation for your business and its marketing efforts.

Some examples: If you end up targeting wealthy house-owners for your wrought iron gates then these households should be relatively easy to pinpoint either through geo-demographics software for a highly focused e-mail marketing campaign, Targeted Banner Ads or even by something simple like targeted leaflet drops in well-to-do neighbourhoods.

In terms of inbound marketing and in view of the physical nature of your products, you should also invest in:
- a highly visual website so potential customers can interact with your products;
- make sure your website is 'responsive' so it works well on mobile formats
- video marketing
- social media especially Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus
- local marketing e.g. Google Plus Local, reputation strategy (reviews and testimonials) and citations

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Who are your customers?
Where are they?
What do they need?
Why should they purchase your products?

If you have answers to these questions then you are nearly there.

Design your marketing around your target customers.

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by Budanatr - 1 year ago