How many active ads are you allowed on Craigslist at one time?

It seems that amount of active ads are almost limitless, but I honestly have no clue. I can't seem to find an answer on their main page or when I Google it.

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One live ad per item or service. In most cities, a dealer can post about ten ads total before people get annoyed and start flagging them for spam. The average user has one or two ads up. Don't hog the board, combine like items into a single ad, and keep it under about 10 ads. Small sites may flag at more than five or six. As soon as your community thinks you are being rude, they will flag. When YOU see someone you think is being rude, spammy, dishonest, greedy, etc. you should be flagging them. If you have more questions, go to the cl help desk forum

1 year ago

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I have yet to see any indication of there being a limit, myself.. :-)

by Curt Miller - 2 weeks ago