Having trouble EBay selling?

I am trying to sell on eBay but ask my listings I have out up never sold why not? please look me up and help new out Paulina3737. Thanks

1 year ago - 3 answers

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How are you promoting your auction? Do you send people from social media or blogs? Have you gone to forums where possible buyers are to ask them to look at your auction?

Putting items on Ebay doesn't make them sell, you have to actively get people to go to your auction.

1 year ago

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no one buys used clothes on ebay at those prices.. better off donating them to thrift store or salvation army

by murdoc1872002 - 1 year ago

Due to the fact that the clothes you're selling are ridiculously overpriced and not to mention the fact that they are used. On top of that they are ugly looking clothes. I have no respect for sellers such as yourself !!!!!!!

by Anon - 1 year ago