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    How much should I sell westies for?

    I will have a litter of westies in two years when the parents are ready they are both CKC registered purebred beautiful coat and beautiful personality we will become a redgistered breeder we know everything about breeding dogs be cause we used to breed border collies and we currently breed German shepherds we originally Bought the parents for 1000 dollars each how mich should we sell the pups for if you are interested in a German shepherd pup or a westie pup email me at mylovebird@hotmail.ca PS the German shepherds are $1000 each PPS don't tell me there is an overpopulation of dogs in the world these dogs are champions
    a few seconds ago 3 Answers

    Best Answer

    CKC means absolutely nothing............ Also, if you KNOW so much 'bout breeding & such...... why do you not have homes already set up for these pups?? You should know all of this already. Also, this site does not allow advertising.......
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • CKC is a crap registry. Their registration certificate isn't worth the paper they are printed on. If you know everything about breeding, why are you asking how much to sell pups for? It's illegal to advertise on this site, so you are reported.

      by Bonnie - 12 hours ago

    • If your dogs are champions, why do you need to ask on Yahoo Answers? If your dogs are champions, why are you trying to sell puppies off of YA? You should already have people lining up, offering you deposits. Breeding should only be done to better the breed. Producing pups out of the same two parents over and over again isn't bettering the breed. Will your dogs have show titles or other sort of titles? Will you do genetic testing? Will you do testing on knees, eyes, hips, and heart? Will you get multi-generational pedigreed westies that don't have, for example, skin issues anywhere in the line? Are you a member of any Westie clubs? Reputably bred westies sell for up to $1,500. However, anyone willing to pay that much is going to hang up as soon as they ask you those questions and you say no. Your BYB westies will probably sell for $400-$600... Maybe $800 MAX. Responsible breeders are lucky to break even on a litter based on all the other costs. Responsible breeders produce more than enough pet quality Westies, so don't say you're just trying to make quality dogs. Registration means nothing. It doesn't mean they're a good example of the breed, it doesn't mean they're healthy, it doesn't mean they're free of genetic defect, it doesn't mean they're show quality, it doesn't mean they have good temperament. It just means they're able to be shown.

      by UnshadedColors - 12 hours ago

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