How to stop people who want to sell stuff from calling you?

Every day, every 10-20 min someone calls wanting to sell something or something of that nature it gets annoying i heard there was a website where you could plug in ur number and it will block ur number is that true? where can i find it.

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You can put your number on the national "do not call list". Google it and you will find it easily. I did it and it don't seem to make much difference. Somebody keeps calling here where I work and asking for the previous owner. He sold the place about three years ago and we haven't seen him since. We tell the callers repeatedly that he is not associated with our business anymore, but they call anyway...A THOUSAND TIMES. Some of them are pretty rude, and they never stop, EVER. I have told them he hasn't been here in years, I have even told some of them that he died, but they still call anyway. There's no stopping it.

1 year ago

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Tell them you want to be placed on their do not call list.

by Krista - 1 year ago