What is a good business name for Luxury Brands company?

My friend is trying to set up a company that will sell and cater to Luxury brands and stuff on the website. LIke an online magazine here in Singapore. Can you suggest a good business name that relates to Luxury living or luxury stuff.

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Synonymes you might use ion a name

comfortable, costly, deluxe, easy, elaborate, epicurean, expensive, extravagant, fancy, fit for a king/ queen, gorgeous, grand, grandiose, gratifying, hedonistic, immoderate, imposing, impressive, in the lap of luxury, lavish, luscious, lush, magnificent, majestic, opulent, ostentatious, palatial, pampered, pleasurable, pleasure-loving, plush, plushy, posh, pretentious, rich, ritzy, self-indulgent, sensual, sensuous, splendid, stately, sumptuous, sybaritic, upscale, voluptuous, well-appointed, gorgeous, inestimable, invaluable, lavish, luxurious, precious, rich, splendid, sumptuous, valuable, choice, costly, dainty, delicate, elegant, exclusive, exquisite, first-class, grand, luxuriant, luxurious, palatial, posh, rare, recherché, select, special, splendid, sumptuous, super, swank, swanky

Note: luxuriant indicates profusion while luxurious means sumptuous and expensive

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