how can we perform social media marketing.?

i want to do some of the tasks in social media marketing and i don't know how to start.

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social media marketing is the best way to enhance your site or page. you thought well but to perform social media marketing on your site or page you need to create a page on social media like facebook google and other social media and share it to others. i think this is the best way to perform social media marketing. you can find some hints on this site.

1 year ago

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The most cost effective way, especially if you seek to earn cash regularly is to join a forum in which you have a captive audience, can maximize your benefits and purchase advertising units. See reference below:


by CW - 1 year ago

Social Media Marketing is one of best way of marketing our business or website through social networking sites. A lots of social networking sites like Face Book, Twitter, Linked In, Myspace, etc., but, I would like to share Social media optimization through Linked In.


by Dinesh - 1 year ago