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II can't seem to get answers from the FAQs so if anyone is a frequent buyer I would love input.

1. Is there a section where I can find only certain regional DVDS? (I need region 4)
2. Is there any way to get DVDs that only work in US/CA to work in NZ? Like on a PS3 (From Aussie) or any other method?
3. How long is shipping to NZ?
4. Anything else I should know/

Thanks in advance.

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You can always get a multi zone DVD playe. We have one those and it's handy when we get DVDs from overseas. Shipping is very fast. Just beware if you need to pay tax on the item when it arrives. I think DVDs and such are fine.

Check out DVDs from NZ such as Boarders, JB HiFi and such. They seem to have plenty available

1 year ago

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Amazon's advanced search has an All Regions option

Many DVD player PC programs ignore region codes

How to Make a PS3 DVD Region Free (making a defanged copy with a PC)

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