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    pricing mistake in my favour?

    hello . i bought a 51" plasma tv for 6.49 euros thats right 6 euro 49 cent. it is obviously meant to be 649.00euros .. i got a confermation e-mail saying that it will be delivered in 4-5 working days .. total cost was 14.95 including shipping. so i guess my question is can the company pull out of the deal or charge me full price in the future
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    just be an honest person
    a few seconds ago

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    • it might help to know where you live, since rules may vary from place to place, but anyone is allowed to make a mistake without penalty, so if they catch the error, they can charge you for the difference. not sure when that becomes too late. it may even be after you have received the item, so don't go blabbing it around.

      by ? - 21 hours ago

    • Thy cant change it after delivery. But if they catch their mistake before then, they can legally change it.

      by Erin - 21 hours ago

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