How do I register a domain name for my business?

I'm new to this and I'm not too computer savvy, but I'd like to get a website going for my business. Can I register a domain name for free? Please help! I appreciate it!

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Yes, you can register a domain name for free and be able to use it without setting it up as a sub domain. From time to time there will be promotions by web hosting companies that will offer a free domain if you purchase web hosting or their website builder services. Be sure to check to see if the domain name is only free for a certain period of time. Because initially it might be free for a year and then you have to pay thereafter. This is still good because by then you should know if you want to continue with your website business.

If you go to - there is an ad that advertises a FREE Domain Name with Web Hosting or WebSite Builder Purchase


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There are no free domain names, but you can purchase one starting around $10 a year. GoDaddy is the cheapest for domain names, although I don't really recommend them for hosting your website. Check out Host Gator, Blue Host, and Siteground, also. Choosing a website host depends a bit on what type of site you plan on running.


by Starlight - 1 year ago

Contrary to other answers here, you in fact can get a free domain name, for example, on
For a complete newbie, though, the easiest way to start off a website is with where you get a * subdomain and you can edit the site look and content with ease.

by Thy - 1 year ago

I have been using (horrible website) for years, they are located in the states, have great prices and have always been available when I have done something goofy (like misspell my clients domain!). I highly recommend them.


by Tor - 1 year ago

If you are looking for a business domain, then free domains are definitely NOT the way to go - you never really own the domain, and the real owners can do what they like with it.
It is not too costly to register a domain, I use GoDaddy and 1and1 internet for my domain registration services, you will also need to build the website and get a hosting plan in place too.
More about hosting and domain reg here:
some links below for ideas on how to make your own website for free, or at least for not very much...


by livewyre - 1 year ago