Craigslist sale and buyer under 18?

if i sell something on craigslist and the buyer later wants a refund and they are under 18 (this is just a guess) Do I have to give it to them in AZ, transaction was in person at my house for a video game

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Tell them no refund. They bought it, it is theirs. If they don't want it, they can list it on craigslist and sell it to someone else.

1 year ago

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No. they bought it.

by Jonathan - 1 year ago

The unwritten rules of Craigslist are no refunds, no returns, and no contract. Most buyers & sellers know this.

So your buyer has nor recourse if you decide not to refund money. Of course, if you want to do so, that is because you are generous, or sincere, and want to do the right thing - not because you are obligated or legally required.

Craigslist will not be involved in such an issue, you will have to settle it between both of you.

by InspectorBudget - 1 year ago