why we should make our market competitive?!?

There is chance , you can falling behind the competition.
So, why somebody says make market competitive.

Here, market can be any field of interest.

[ ignore my mistake in English]

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Your writing is confusing.

The "Market" is probably in this case, the identified potential buyers of a certain product, that may be a certain portion of the general population or certain businesses. The word marketplace means much the same thing.

Being "competitive in the marketplace", refers to the head to head fight that goes on between businesses trying to sell to the same limited number of potential buyers.

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if your product is one needed/wanted but not comparably priced to the competitions

prices, the price usually dictates who sells more of the product. yours can be the very

best in the world, but if the buyer cant afford it, he will do what he needs to to obtain

the product at the best price to do the job that needs to be price yourself out of

the buyers wont sell

by Kerry - 1 year ago