Whats wrong with my ebay listing? I only have 6 views and its been up for 2 days.?

I have an item on ebay and it gets very little amount of views. About one per hour. ( I have 6 now )
Could you tell me what im doing wrong?

1 year ago - 2 answers

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You've only just listed the item, so give people a chance!

Using a reserve price always annoys people and deters them from even bothering to look.

Even if they do look, that dreadful battered old sofa you've used as a 'background' is instantly offputting. Have another look and try to see it objectively: it sends the message 'I don't look after my things' (which I'm sure isn't true) and the colour doesn't have sufficient contrast with the wallet.

Take some pictures against a plain, pale background with good light.

1 year ago

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If it's not getting any views, it's simply not something people are looking for!

by RoofingPrincess - 1 year ago