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    I want to help kids with bullying, via email! How do I promote it for free?

    I want to get kids to email me if they have problems at school or home. How do I ... I dont know... promote this help online?
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    And do you have insurance coverage, to pay for the liability problems you are creating when the parents sue you for tampering their children's lives without authorization?
    a few seconds ago

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    • Ya I don't know if that will be effective or not, seems that the immediacy of texting might be just as useful, it would be interesting to see how a bullying twitter account goes, no doubt you can find some to monitor. I suspect at best email might turn out to be a secondary aspect of some support, outreach web site. typically the need to submit an email to register on a site, you could offer an optional weekly newsletter, inspirational email to get the ball rolling. There are a couple of free forum hosts out there like createaforum.com , getting people to find it may be the biggest challenge.

      by Jake - 7 hours ago

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