can i make money off of twitter?

I saw something that said if I tweet a tweet I can make money off that one tweet, is that true? can I add ads on my twitter page, if so how?

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You can not put traditional ads (banners) on your twitter page. However, you can earn money through twitter by posting sponsored tweets. You are allowed to post sponsored tweets on your account.

If you have many followers (at least 10k+ followers), you should try any following service:

1.) Sponsored Tweets
2.) BuySellAds

Both services gives you an opportunity to find an advertisers for your tweets. To make some good money you need to have way more followers.

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It all depends, like if you have plenty of followers so that you can shout out about your sponsers and can tweets about their product and services they are offering. but for this you need to startegically plan.

by Ben - 1 year ago