Where is the best place online to buy my domain name + Which is the best to host my website (business)?

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For domains, I recommend both or both are good domain registrars that I use myself.

For hosting, I recommend you use Been with webhosting-land for nearly 6 months now with no problems at all.

1 year ago

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Go Daddy or Host Gator..............

by Mike S - 1 year ago

Godaddy and Name cheap are registrars the people I know use, you most buy and renew with coupons on Godaddy to get competitive prices, the have quite an auction section for previously owned domains.

Hostgator is the most often recommended host, but that may be due to their high affiliate commissions to those who recruit new customers. I don't use them, but I'm not that sure my host is any better than hundreds of others.

Look through a few of the host review sites, just bear in mind they might get a commission for every host listed in their charts.

by Jake - 1 year ago