How to promote my project?

Basically my school forces us to sell something, it's not cookie, it's some kind of emergency hammer, it's pretty impractical.
I'll just ask people on the street if they would want to buy so I need something to say, I want to start like this, hello, i am sorry to take some of your precious time but would you be interesed in buying a hammer, let me tell you how this would help you....... And anyone can continue this?

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Most of the time people on the street will tell you "No Thanks", or "I am sorry, I have to be somewhere", etc.
You have to come up with some original and fun way of people to get interested. A stand, a performance, presentation....anything that might stop people on the streets to take a peek.
If you bluntly approach someone on the street with a hammer in your hand, you might scare some people off :)

Good luck to you!


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