How to promote your wordpress article?

To get more viewer

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Hi there

You can use some of the following methods to generate traffic to your article:

- PPC (like google adwords, but there are lots of other PPC services) - paid traffic
- Video Marketing (especially YouTube)
- here at Yahoo! Answers
- do SEO
- submit articles about your topic
- Squidoo and Hubpages
- Blog commenting
- Forum posting
- Craigslist
- email marketing
- Ad Swaps / Solo Ads - paid traffic


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There's lots of methods, SEO, social media marketing, blog commenting.. you need to get the word out there that your article is awesome and people should read it! check out this digital marketing agency, they helped me build and promote my website.

by George - 1 year ago

Video content

by Damien - 1 year ago