Other ways to receive money from customers?

I am a very, very small self business and I need a way to receive money from customers outside my local area. I'm uncomfortable giving out my address to people I've never met, so I need a new way. Anyone have any ideas?

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Hi there.

There is SO many options. The obvious choice goes to....

PayPal. This is used online by millions worldwide and is the most popular payment method online besides Bank Transactions. In addition, it is 100% secure and legitimate. It is extremely fast because the payment goes through immediately, plus it only takes 24 hours to transfer the funds from your PayPal account to your Bank Account. You can also use PayPal for buying/selling many things online. If you ever create an Ebay account and decide to sell online, you will need a PayPal account anyway, so best to make one now.

Next goes to....

Bank Transfer/CHAPS. I used this recently. It is a very simple easy way for customers to send money to you. You basically give them your Bank Details (Account Number, Sort Code and Name.) Then using this information, they can transfer money from their Bank Account to yours in under 2 hours. If their Bank Account doesn't have the CHAPS feature then they can go to the Bank your with (For example Natwest.) and go in any Natwest branch and just deposit the funds directly into your account. Giving them your Account Number, Sort Code and Name allows them to deposit money into your account, they cannot withdraw anything without I.D, Bank Card, PIN etc.


Postal Order/Cheque. I know you didn't want your Address revealed but have no fear, P.O. BOX is here! Seriously, go to your local Post Office and you can set up a mail box with them for a small fee per month. With Royal Mail it is like £6.50 per Month. They take all mail and hold it for you until you collect - so it's essentially a 2nd letter box. This is great alternative if you want an anonymous address. They could then send the money in the post or a cheque. The Post Office will even sign for it if it is recorded.

Another method is Money Gram, Money Western Union Transfer, World Pay and mutually meeting at a desired location.


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magic beans

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