I need a good Brand Name?

For my marketing class i need to come up with three brand names.
Help me by putting three ORIGINAL (meaning never been used before) brand names.

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Well firstly, you need to see if the brand name has already been taken. Use Google to find various websites to see if they have already been used such as this one:

Also, i assume you won't actually be creating a real life brand by registering it, i'm sure the teacher wouldn't mind/know if you already conjured up a good Brand name which was already taken.

To come up with an excellent Brand name, it has to appeal to the target audience in the category which the Brand specializes in.

For Example, 'Red Bull' (top of my head.) This is a relevant Brand name because the product is an energy drink designed to temporarily improve your psychical performance. - The Brand 'Red Bull' is some what being personified to give the individual of the owner of a can of 'Red Bull' to have the strength of a Bull after consuming the product. The Red seems very random, however when you think about it, Red is the color Bulls aggravate towards, so in a sense, not only will you become a Bull, but also be at the peak of the Bulls strength. In addition, Bull also sounds a little like Blue, so 'Red Blue' would make them sound like contrasting words which adds sort of a hidden English technique called an Oxymoron.

That is just what i could think of from the top of my head. - They might have called it Red Bull for a completley different reason. Anyway, the main things to think about are:
-Try to relate if you can.
-Sort & Sweet. (under 3 syllables.)
-English Techniques (Alliteration, Oxymoron, Personification, Metaphor, etc.)

It doesn't have to have all of those attributes, but using the information i have given you, try to conjur up some Brand names by Brain storming about 10-15. At the end, select your top 5 and get someone else to select the top 3.


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