Is there a job where you freelance to different companies to give them ideas on new products or new advertisin?

Is there a job tht you get hired by different companies to go in and try and recreate their image? or just to help them get new ideas for more profit? its something i would be interested in
@Ryan: Yes i would get my degree in that kind of area if the job existed. I wouldnt walk in off the street. Instead of just Yes as your answer could you give me details on what its called or the type of company that employs those ppl?

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Advertising or marketing consultant. And companies ask you for help, rather than your approaching them. No company will entertain ideas offered to them from the outside, because too many legal problems arise. They usually depend on their regular advertising agencies or they turn to universities, where the business schools have professors who are expert on such matters.

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Yes, but you would have to show that you have the experience necessary to provide such services. No one is going to hire someone with no relevant experience for something like that.

by Ryan M - 1 year ago