I dont know if i should trust the ad?

I swear im not advertising lol please help! i just have no idea if its a lie and if they're gonna add other stuff on top. I dont wanna get screwed over!

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Quick Check: Is it an advertisement? If yes (it is), you cannot trust it.

Quick check: Is it a car sale? If yes (it is), you cannot trust it.

At least you were smart enough to ask, morons who take ads at face value keep thee guys in business. But do you seriously think that a car dealership would give a car away for 5 cents down payment with a history of credit problems? Would you? No. They might make the paperwork seem that way, but you'll pay double or triple for the car with an increased interest rate and horrific penalties if you fall behind. These types of dealers are basically loan sharks.

1 year ago

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by NEMO - 1 year ago

Read all the stuff on the blue links before you decide. And also know that no car dealer has ever gone out of business from giving great deals on their cars--they are still making lots of money.

by Wizened wizard - 1 year ago