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    How can I promote my fundraiser?

    I've got to pay rent in 24 hours or I'll be evicted and I have a baby and no family to turn to. I don't have any close friends because I've developed an anti-social disorder after the death of my brother 2 years ago. We need $1500 asap because my boss hasn't paid me in a month. I went to the labor board but it's going to take time I don't have. I tried taking out a loan and found out that I am the victim of identity theft and my credit is ruined. My account is also in the negative. Welfare will take too long to help. Anyways, I've started a gofundme page online but because I don't have any friends or family left no one has contributed. Is there a way I can get my message out to kind strangers? Also, please don't tell me about selling my computer, I'm using the computer at a lab in my campus (we live in graduate apartments). I own nothing at all of value. I don't even have a cell phone or tv. I'm trying to make a better life for myself and I just need a bit more help to get there. Please only give me helpful tips.
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    I can tell u now u aint gunna get 1500 within 24 hours best thing to do is to ring up council and tell them your being evicted and have no where to go and they should hopefully ort something quite quickly. If you do manage to raise that money which I don't actually think u will but if u do then good on ya.
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    • Unfortunately the internet is infested with fraud artists, causing most people to be justifiable skeptical and sorry being hard up alone might not be seen as a charitable cause. Your better off looking for local charities, churches, etc. Jim Cramer from the mad money told the story of his continuing to put away money while he lived in his car (easier back then for a single guy)

      by Jake - 15 hours ago

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