Opinions on xtreme energy wristbands?

I recently had one and found that it really worked. Pain in my knees went away and I got a tingly feeling every time I put it on. Also when I went jogging I could run for a long time without stopping. All the other bracelets are fake ones I think. Now people always claim that there all fake but have they tried them on? A lot of the time I believe their just people making fast accusations about it because its what they "heard". My question is what is your opinion on them. For anyone who doesn't believe they work there's no need for rudeness, just why you think there bad and if you have a source Thad be nice. I ask this question because I lost my old one and was wondering if I should get a new on based on the opinions. Thanks.

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Well I wore those energy wristbands and started throwing punches, so will venture out to say, "YES" they truly work to the extreme & also snapped back-n-forth like a couple of gumby hands slicing, dicing & cubing a lotta prep work for a wedding of 200 people. The people who hired me thought I was part Jap with hands that swang like that in the kitchen.

1 year ago

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A convenient design for another placebo, don't underestimate the power of the mind.

by Jake - 1 year ago

I'm just goin to be honest I think its Gay

by Cassie N - 1 year ago

Those bands have been scientifically shown NOT to work and the companies in most countries have had to stop advertising them. The things they showed in the commercials were parlor tricks. What you experienced was a placebo effect created by your mind.

by Peter Boiter Woods - 1 year ago

science once knew the earth was flat, that the space between atoms was empty and that the great pyramid of Giza was built by Kofu in 2500 BC. all that is now know to be false so don't place a whole lot of faith in the nay saying crowd. if it worked for you (and it has for me) then stick with it. my employees tease me calling it my "power ranger" wrist band. so what ...


by frederick - 4 months ago