What are some good things to sell online?

I was thinking about making homemade candles and soap.

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Selling food has it's complications, I believe some U.S. states prohibiting selling any foods from a kitchen that doesn't pass a state inspection (that is, no home kitchens)

Coming up with something unique, that stands out from the crowd would helps, perhaps some novelty like molded sculpture shaped candles. The ebay of hand crafted items, has some 430,000 sellers, a small numbers do well, it's an easy place to test market your product, it's like 20 cents per item listed and 3.5% fee of any sales. To more quickly test the interest of the public you might pay for sponsored search ads on the site to get more prospects to your page sooner. In any case do a search for Candles on Etsy to gauge the competition and get design inspiration.

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Flowers for different occasions

by S2012 - 1 year ago