advertisement rates for a blog?

I a blog owner,Recently launched my blog I want to know that what rate(in USD) should i charge for an advertisement
criteria being
1. word or image
2. size
3. duration

please help

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It is totally up to you my friend. Please Read this blog article, I hope you will get your answer.


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You may require months or a year to develop enough traffic and page rank to internet advertisers, some blogs charge just $10 /mo for 125x125 banners.

Betier to sign up with an ad network at first.

by Jake - 1 year ago

I'm earning with my website using just few methods...banners, popups and popunders, interstitial adv and so on. I wrote a post on the same website explaining the methods I use to make money, also showing payment proof and other details. Just give a look if you want,
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by Shana - 1 week ago