Can I sell things at second hand stores, thrift stores, goodwill etc?

Items like wine corks, candles (never used), cds/dvds, china plates/dishes, candle lantern, clocks, old cameras?

if not where could i sell these things? ive put them all on craigslist but i havent gotten a response (no Surprise....) anyways if you have any help i would appreciate it, thank you!

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You can donate your items to thrift stores, Goodwill, etc., and they will give you a receipt for what they think they are worth and you can use that as a tax deduction, but you can't sell them to thrift stores, Goodwill, etc.
You can always try ebay. If you want to know how to price your items, do an internet search on what you have and see what others are selling them for.

1 year ago

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have a yard sale or try ebay

by eugene c - 1 year ago

You can try thrift stores or pawn shops. Goodwill just accepts donations I think. An alternative would b eBay or amazon or a garage sale!!

by Chloe - 1 year ago