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    How come there have been no complaints or lawsuits on those TV products being sold with a second FREE!?

    item(just pay processing) Note I have not or will ever buy any of the stuff through a TV ad, but these pitches are on constantly. And what is so magical about $9.95 or $19.95. The extra shipping can be another $20.
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    The costs are disclosed in fine print, so they stay teetering on the legal side of the law. Once that initial low looking price get planted in one's brain they have people hooked even after learning the real cost. Many of these As Seen on TV products cost less in the stores like walgreens. Commonly those infomercial product's cost is covered by S&H the rest pays marketing overhead and profits.
    a few seconds ago

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    • What's your problem?

      by ! - 6 hours ago

    • There have been no lawsuits because they're doing nothing illegal. Companies can charge whatever they feel like for their products and for shipping and handling.

      by rtfm - 6 hours ago

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