What is the best way to promote music?

Want to promote but unsure the first steps

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Like those guys said.
Anyone with a smart phone can make a music video and post it to youtube. Do so.
Then use social media to help your fans find the music video.
Give your stuff away on the internet. Crazy?
If you hit huge download numbers then you can talk to the money people. If you build a following you will sell out gigs.
If you sell out gigs you will get the idea.

1 year ago

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Try youtube, facebook ect.... like social networks. hope i helped.


by Themojin - 1 year ago

Social media, talent shows(battle of the bands), demos to radio stations, and open mic nights.

by Andi - 1 year ago

I would also go for social media and youtube in this case

by Fabian - 1 year ago

Where do you start and how can you get your music known?
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by eduard - 2 months ago